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Bazinga! While taping the episode that airs tonight, The Big Bang Theory's cast and crew treated its live studio audience to a spontaneous “Call Me Maybe” dance party. Nice moves, Kaley Cuoco.

Want to know what your favorite TV characters are going to be for Halloween? You’re in luck — we’ve got a gallery teeming with costume-filled photos from shows like Happy Endings, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory, among others. One of the best ensembles: Mindy Kaling’s, above. She’s dressed as “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.”

And speaking of the Big Bang — find outtakes from our cover shoot here. Sparkle, Kaley, sparkle!

Elmo and Cookie Monster made the trip from Sesame Street to the EW offices to tell us about their new season (which starts next Monday), and we couldn’t have been more excited had it been Johnny Depp sword-fighting with a time-traveling Theodore Roosevelt. In honor of their upcoming slate of guest stars, the two of them took us through their interpretations of some of TV’s biggest shows — including The Big Bang Theory, CSI: Miami, and The Office (which, coincidentally, name-checked Sesame Street in its premiere last night) – and we have to say, Cookie Monster would actually make a pretty good replacement for Michael Scott.

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