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Inside this week's EW


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First full-body shot of The CW’s Flash — what do you think? (We say: Needs more abs.)


Think Reign has fun with history? You ain’t seen nothing yet — check out these upcoming (totally fake) CW period dramas, starting with Razor:

For soulful young political activist Max Robespierre (Logan Lerman), the French Revolution was the best of times and the worst of times… and all because of a girl. While terror reigns on the streets of Paris, and the guillotine’s razor beckons anyone who runs afoul of the ruling factions, Max falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Josephine (Lucy Hale). But he’s shocked to learn her secret: Josephine is Marie Antoinette, the supposedly deceased Queen of France. They’ve lost their hearts — but will they lose their heads?

Things are going well for Lorelai Gilmore! (And yes she will always be Lorelai in our hearts.)

Whose Line Is It Anyway returns on The CW tonight — and like the guys in this clip, we can hardly contain ourselves. (Find nine more classic bits here.)

Now that Upfronts are over, we can finally present this completed grid of 2013’s fall TV schedule. Click over to EW.com for the full chart — and to see trailers for all those highlighted new shows, simply by hovering your mouse over a given series title.

Colin, Ryan, and Wayne are all returning! It’s hosted by Aisha Tyler! It starts airing this summer!!!

If The Following just isn’t enough for you, The CW’s got a show called Cult premiering in February. Creepy!

Slow clap, CW. Sloooow clap.

Whether you think Gossip Girl went out with a bang or a whimper, we can all agree on one thing: Blair’s wedding dress was flawless. Here’s our recap of the GG series finale.

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