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When you’re in your bed at night, unable to drift off to sleep, do you think to yourself, “What will happen to the Dragon Tattoo sequel?”

Well, it’s coming. Just not in 2013 like we hoped.

On the bright side, it is happening! Which we were worried about.

This is the best disappointing news ever.

You’ve read the books. You’ve seen the movies. You’ve seen the other movie. Now get ready to experience The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in yet another medium: A graphic novel version is coming out in November.

Here’s an exclusive first look at the upcoming book. How do you like Lisbeth’s new look?

The Girl With the Drago Tattoo gives off a ripely kinky, menacing glow. It opens with psychedelic music-video credits, scored to Karen O’s caterwauling cover of Led Zeppelin’s ”Immigrant Song,” that set a mood of evil dipped in black rubber. That fanfare lets you know that the movie is going to have a sensuality and danger that the 2009 Swedish screen version, dutifully effective as it was, did not. Directed by the high-grunge master David Fincher (Zodiac, Se7en, The Social Network), the new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sticks close to the spirit and most of the details of Stieg Larsson’s Swedish serial-killer novel, in which an officially disgraced left-wing journalist, Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig), is hired to investigate a homicide that has haunted an aristocratic family for 40 years. Larsson’s plot is nothing more (or less) than a clever conventional whodunit festooned with glimmers of depravity. Fincher, however, teases out the full mythological grandeur of the material. He’s not just a great director — he’s an artist with the eyes of a voyeur, and he has made The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo into an electrifying movie by turning the audience into addicts of the forbidden, looking for the sick and twisted things we can’t see.

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This week’s cover: Brace yourself for ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.’ Plus: The Holiday Movie Preview

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Oh, I knew that—I meant that you can’t put a photo under a cut in a photo post. And since I don’t want to delete the GWTDT poster and make a new post altogether, it looks like your dashes are stuck with Nipple-Pierced Nancy.

carolinek replied to your photo: First poster for The Girl With the Bar Through Her…
Holy Not Safe for Work, EW!

You’re right—we probably should have put the image under a jump, as we did on the blog. But you can’t do that with photo posts (lemme know if I’m wrong about this, guys) so now it’s too late. Sorry if your boss caught you looking at Rooney’s Maras.

First NSFW poster for The Girl With the Bar Through Her Nipple The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! Sweden, amiright?

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