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Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, and Kevin Kline are making your dad’s future favorite movie: a Hangover for the geriatric set called Last Vegas.

So like, how many Viagra jokes do you think we’re talking? A hundo?

The Hangover 3 — it’s not a first look, but it’s something!

Warner Bros. filed court papers on Monday indicating they intend to digitally erase the tattoo on Ed Helms’ character’s face when The Hangover Part II is released on home video. But what will they replace it with?

A valuable exchange on this post about why The Hangover Part II made so much freakin’ money.

Here’s the evidence, as if this required further explanation.

One EW writer ponders why the male genitalia is always played for laughs in R-rated comedies.

The Muppets do a brief parody of The Hangover, and somehow, it totally works. If The Muppets turns out to be even half as inspired and funny as these trailers, this could turn out to be the best movie ever.

Community fans: Did you know that Ken Jeong gets naked (…again) in The Hangover Part II?

New clips from The Hangover Part II! In this one, the boys race through the streets of Bangkok in a car driven by the endlessly weird Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) with a bunch of trigger-happy bikers hot on their tail. Does this make you more or less excited to see the movie?

You wanted more pictures from our cover shoot with the Hangover guys? You got it!

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