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In honor of Monsters University's release, we've ranked all 14 of Pixar's movies — from worst to first.

What’s your order?

Here’s to you, Edith Head — the most-honored costume designer in Oscar history. (And the inspiration for Edna Mode ofThe Incredibles!)

Question time! What’s your favorite superhero movie?

When Thor hits theaters on May 6, it’ll kickstart a summer packed full of handsomely-costumed superpowered individuals fighting expensively CGI’d evil. June brings us the franchise preboot X-Men: First Class and the space-faring Green Lantern, followed by the Nazi-punching Captain America: The First Avenger in July. It’s a feast for comic book fans, and it’s very much the culmination of a decade that saw superheroes rise to the top of the summer box office season, with a host of new trilogies (X-Men, Spider-Man, Blade, Batman), fascinating curios (Kick-Ass, Superman Returns, Ang Lee’s Hulk), and plenty of outright disasters (Daredevil and Catwoman and anything called The Punisher, oh my!). But which superhero film is your absolute favorite?

Personally, I’d have to vote for The Incredibles—not only a great superhero movie, but also one of the best animated movies ever made, period. You can’t go wrong with Pixar and Brad Bird. But what do you guys think?

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