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We aren’t going to ‘Let it Go’ (see what we did there?!), Frozen is one of Disney’s best Animated films.

Check out our list of BEST and WORST Disney animated films here. 


What happens to Disney princesses Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Pocahontas after the credits role? According to viral star Jon Cozart, nothing good — though at least he got a great video out of it.

Lindsay Lohan kick starts her comeback attempt by transforming herself into Little Mermaid Ariel after she gets, what do you call ‘em? Oh, feet.

Somehow, we think it works.

Well, yes, according to filmmaker Charlie Foley — whose speculative documentary (read: not real) Mermaids: The Body Found aired this past weekend on Animal Planet. This seems wrong; if nothing else, we know that mermaids aren’t animals.

Today in “Wikipedia entries that are far too long and detailed.” (Via The Awl)

R.I.P. Kenneth Mars.

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