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You may be miffed by the way Elle handled Mindy Kaling’s recent cover — but she loves the picture anyway. How much? This much: "It looks like I died at my most beautiful."

Hmm — one of these things is not like the others. Mindy Kaling doesn’t seem to think that’s a big deal — but do you?


Dear Chris Messina

Our holiday party is on the 13th. Stop by if you’d like. 



If you guys missed out on this last night, CORRECT YOURSELVES IMMEDIATELY.

Hey ladies — where are all the female friendships on TV? Writes critic Melissa Maerz:

True, many of these shows are about women surviving in largely male worlds: D.C. politics, country music, post-collegiate bro dens. Still, it’s strange that the only time grown-up female characters gather together outside of work is if they’re stirring a cauldron. And as fun as they are to spend time with, the ladies of American Horror Story: Coven and Witches of East End aren’t exactly “friends.”

Don’t let everyone hang out with Mindy Kaling without you: Join EW’s Google+ hangout with Mindy and a few lucky fans, which is happening today at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT. We’ll talk about boys and James Franco and writing and the Emmys and all things Mindy.

P.S. For a chance to be featured in the chat, click here.

Think these snubbed stars and shows deserved Emmy nominations? That’s what EW’s annual EWwy Awards are all about.

Click through to see which comedies, dramas, and actors from each made the cut, then vote for your favorites. The winners will receive both everlasting glory and snazzy little sheep statuettes (“ewe”-ys — get it?).

Voting begins… NOW!

Our amazing, alliterative TV critics Melissa Maerz and Jeff Jensen weigh in on the future of The Mindy Projectin our series, Fall TV Wish List.

This week in EW: Mindy Kaling takes the lead in our New Hollywood issue, which highlights the 50 most exciting and creative talents currently blowing up the industry — including actors, filmmakers, showrunners, producers, authors, musicians, comedians, and costume designers.

What’s on Shailene Woodley’s career bucket list? What was Michael B. Jordan’s most thrilling celebrity encounter? What’s the worst career advice Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany ever received? What was the role that changed everything for Joseph Gordon-Levitt? You’ll find out inside!

One show not on the pickup list for now: Glee. The comedy/musical is expected to return for a fifth season, but negotiations between Fox and its studio are still ongoing.

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