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Okay, but real talk.

Noon Thursday in what time zone?

Eastern Daylight Time! Sorry; sometimes we forget everyone doesn’t live in New York City.

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Entertainment Geekly’s new rules for spoilers

Generally Speaking: Don’t be a douchebag.

For TV Shows That Release A New Episode Every Week: 24-hour grace period; no putting the name of the character who died in headlines or in tweets. But you are allowed to use code names or hashtags or otherwise non-specific descriptors that refer to The Thing That Happened, like “The Red Wedding” or “Six Minute Tracking Shot” or “Tread Lightly.” After 24 hours, it’s open season.

For TV Shows That Aired Months Ago in Britain: If you are the kind of person who watches the shows when they first air — presumably totally legally, when you’re visiting your British cousin specifically just to watch British television — then it is incumbent on you to presage anything you say about unaired episodes with “Well, I’ve already seen the season, so-” at which point everyone you’re talking to will cut you off.

For TV Shows That Release All Their Episodes At Once, Like Netflix:
24-hour grace period for the first episode of any all-in-one season, followed by a one-week grace period for the first four episodes, two weeks for 5-8, and three weeks for the full season.

For TV Shows Based on Books or Comic Books: Readers can talk about everything EXCEPT for character deaths. Also, everyone can do their best not to be a douchebag.

For Movies In General
Anything that happens in the first half-hour in a movie is not a spoiler. Everything after the first half hour should be clearly marked with a SPOILER ALERT until two Mondays after their release. Movies that initially open in limited release get a one-month grace period from their opening.

For Movies Based On Things: Movie adaptations are actually less problematic than their TV counterparts, since lately there’s been a rather exciting trend of films departing wildly from the source material. But in the interest of not being a douchebag, one ought always to err on the side of not ruining the movie experience.

For Videogames: Same three-week grace period as the season finales of binge-released TV shows. Not that it matters much, since there don’t seem to be any videogames coming out anymore.

For Books, mainly YA franchises: A two-week SPOILER ALERT grace period should be granted, since some readers have to go to school and do their homework, while other readers have to go to work and suffer from the crushing certainty that they should probably be reading a grown-up book.

And If You Live in California: Don’t go on any social media for three hours before your favorite show airs. Because we’re watching it on the East Coast, and we’ll probably talk about it. Get over yourself; you got all the good weather in this deal.

(More lengthy explanations for these rules are right over here.)



entertainmentweekly how can I obtain a job at the magazine? Blogger, writer, coffee getter. I’m ready to do it all!

Well, we’ll post a listing for summer interns in a few weeks — so keeping an eye out for that is a good start!




It appears that in all of south Chicagoland there is not one copy of EW’s Catching Fire issue. Not even a Gale cover, not one!


Obviously, the Internet has the answer.

So I’ve been looking all fucking weekend and it won’t even come out till THIS WEEK?!!?!? F—- YOU EW!!!!

I kid, love me.

Simmer, Tootie! The issue hit newsstands last Friday; you can also purchase it at the link provided. (Any cover you want, no less!)

So I’m confused…


Does the EW issue with the Catching Fire covers come out this Friday (the 4th) or next Friday (the 11th, which is what it says on the covers)?

This Friday, October 4. The date that appears the cover is always one week later than the date the magazine actually hits stands.

daddysvapidprincess said: How is Amy Schumer a supporting actress on her own show?

Weird, right? It’s because Amy listed herself as a supporting actress on the official Emmy nominating ballot — a common trick for performers who feel that they’ve got a better shot at that category than a lead category. (See also: Both Key and Peele.)

You DO realize that as usual, one psychotic fandom will rise up and win this entire thing by voting constantly and compulsively? My bet is on Glee. AGAIN.
Well, the competition is actually twofold — our own Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw will narrow it down each day between 10-11 AM on EW’s brand new Sirius XM channel, and fans will get a chance to vote for themselves on our Facebook page.So if nothing else, “psychotic fandoms” won’t affect the magazine’s official selection process.

You know, the number one book you pretended to read in college.

This Matt Damon-narrated PSA about water, of all things, is actually all kinds of awesome. And also sort of terrifying!

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