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Watch out nfl, Gwen will be inspiring new touchdown celebrations all season long.

Check out our recap of last night’s The Voice here. 

















Uh oh…

You think you can just waltz into Friday night with a smirk like that?! WE INVENTED THAT SMIRK.



A smirk off?

There’s no out-smirking Reddington

There’s no out-smirking Reddington? HA!

Would you like to try that again?

Does this count?

Clearly you guys never took Micro-Smirks 101. 

You can’t teach this smirk. 


Jim Halpert created the smirk.

*knocks* Did someone say smirk-off?

Woah, what about the ladies?!

Hello, ladies.

Careful who you’re catcalling, Adam!


Never thought we’d say this, but we really miss you guys!


This warms the cockles of our heart.

Slow clap.

We could write a novel about the most outrageous outfits Cee Lo has worn on this season of The Voice — but you’ll have to settle for a few hundred words (and five glorious pictures).

We call this look “the Bowser.”

Guess who stopped by EW’s offices today!*

*Not pictured: Christina Aguilera, whose likeness was quickly snatched away.

If you missed The Voice last night, you also missed meeting MacKenzie Bourg — the Justin Bieber/Harry Potter hybrid who will steal your girlfriend, then destroy your Horcrux. And I was like, baby, baby, baby, acciooooooo…

Two pop princesses. Two reality singing competitions. One loud, loud night of television.

Which gets your vote: The X Factor (a.k.a. Britney) or The Voice (a.k.a. Christina)?

This is… The Choice?

Fox will soon debut a celebrity dating show that’s basically The Voice for people without talent. Contestants will “audition” to get dates with celebrities like Carmen Electra, Rob Kardashian, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. The twist: The stars will have their backs turned away from the stage, so they won’t be able to see their potential date until they decide to go out with him or her.

Yes, this is a real thing. More info — plus a longer list of the personalities who will appear on the show — here.

What the hell is up Christina’s sparkly butt when it comes to Tony? What on earth transpired during those long-ago Mouseketeer days that might make her so hostile towards him? Or… are we looking at this completely the wrong way? Given that a consistently pro-Christina audience (“ILOVEYOUCHRISTINAeeeeeeee!”) suddenly turned so violently anti-Christina in the wake of her comments tonight, might it be possible that the two have been colluding the entire time and Christina’s ongoing dismissal of Tony is designed to trick us all into giving him our sympathy vote?

Whitney Pastorek has the scoop on what really went down in the VoiceBox last night — as well as a few theories about why we saw what we saw.

Presenting The Voice's final four! Are these the singers you wanted to see advance to the finals?

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