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The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman promises that season 5 will be the 'best season yet'

“If Daryl dies, we riot”

Here’s a first look at Norman Reedus this season on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead cast promises more blood than EVER. Watch their message from the set here

The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman promises ‘a ton of answers’ in the season 5 premiere.

Norman Reedus just keeps on getting us amped for season 5 of The Walking Dead. 

Here’s what he said


TV characters who left us this year

A handy graphic from the magazine. Er… spoiler alert.

It’s quite shocking that 10 years has passed [since “Love Actually” was released]. Having children — they’re sort of like time warps, they swallow time, so that accounts for half of it. The rest of it? Zombies, obviously.

One decade later, Andrew Lincoln reminisces about shooting your favorite Christmas rom-com.

We’ve got one burning question for the 10 members of TV’s unofficial League of Eternal Outfits: Why don’t you guys ever change your clothes?

A Tintype artifact. A ménage à snake. A hellish brawl. And then there’s We Are Men’s neck tendons and Chicago Fire‘s pre-heated oven.

Which of these earned A grades in our annual Fall TV Ads gallery — and which totally missed the mark?

THEY LIVE: AMC has announced that it’s developing a companion series for The Walking Dead.

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