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Awww yeahh. True Blood’s final season is looking epic, people. 

In the NBC’s live production of The Sound of Music, Capt. Von Trapp will be a vampire…or will be played by one at least. True Blood's Stephen Moyer has been cast as the head of the Von Trapp family who falls for his governess, Maria (Carrie Underwood).

When awesome characters die, we mourn. When awesome characters die in a lame way, we’re peeved.


Drop Everything and Read (EW recaps)

Um so…about Eric last night on True Blood…let’s just say he’s been added to our list of unforgettable nude scenes.

Nice, True Blood. Very nice.

Though True Blood is still going strong (hey, Billith!), Charlaine Harris’ long-running book series chronicling the adventures of a mind-reading barmaid and her (many) supernatural lovers finally comes to an end this May with Dead Ever After. We’ve got an exclusive book trailer — as well as scoop from Harris on what’s next for her.

Joe Manganiello is writing a fitness book called — deep breath — Joe Manganiello’s Evolution: The Cutting-Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted.

Long title; great abs.

I’m 16, so I’m a little timid. I’m just worried about going to jail. So at the first bar, I was kind of scared. But then the girls were like, ‘Come over here!’ And we all started drinking off the tap. By the time [we got to] the second or the third bar, one of the bars had those cowboy doors. And by then I was f–king lit, and I was feeling it. So I kick those cowboy doors in and I go, ‘AAARRRGH!’ And the whole bar full of adults turns and goes, ‘AAARRRGH!’ And it was on. I’m leaning on the bar, squirting [the rum] in their mouths, squirting it in mine. I was singing Marilyn Manson covers with the band by the end.

Joe Manganiello — who turns 36 today — on playing Captain Morgan in Pittsburgh bars from the ages of 16 to 21.

Happy birthday, bro.

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