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More like April FANCY Day!


Welcome to the Reblog Book Club, the first official Tumblr book club!

For our first book, we’re reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, a coming-of-age story about fanfiction, family, and first love. If you’ve read Eleanor and Park, or you follow Rainbow on Tumblr, you have a good idea of why we’re so excited to talk about this book!

We’re totally in. Are you?


#EntertainmentWeekly acknowledged my acknowledgement of their sass.

This is a feedback loop that could keep going forever, Girl.

Remember that Amazing Spider-Man Comic-Con meetup we told you about last week? Well, it happened last Friday — and much to the attendees’ surprise, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, and director Marc Webb showed up to chat about their upcoming movie. Check out footage from the event here.


GET TICKETS: http://spiderman.splashthat.com/

[TL:DR version: CONTEST ALERT! See below for details.]

Psst, Spidey fans: We’ve teamed up with Tumblr and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to host this awesome Comic-Con meetup on Friday. Additionally, we’re giving away five V.I.P. passes to the event — and each pass includes a plus-one.

So, how can a Comic-Con attendee win one of these passes? Glad you asked!

To enter the contest, come up with your best caption for the exclusive Amazing Spider-Man 2 photo below. It can be a snippet of dialogue between Spidey and Max Dillon (a.k.a. Electro), a goofy guess at what they’re arguing about, a haiku, whatever — so long as it’s about the picture and it’s funny, you’ve got a shot at winning.

Submit your caption through our Tumblr Ask box, along with a valid email address (formatted as "username AT website DOT com," so that Tumblr doesn’t think it’s spam). We’ll accept entries until 9:30 a.m. ET Thursday, July 18. Winners will be announced later in the day. And please, don’t enter the contest unless you’re actually going to Comic-Con — even if you’ve got a great idea for a caption.

Ready? …GO!

New Tumblr crush: Mad Men Screenshots With Things Drawn On Them.


Oh, if only they knew the truth about us..

Oh, we know the truth.

Citizens of the Internet, we’ve reached a milestone: This may be the first major web acquisition announced via GIF.

Also, we talked to one Internet expert who thinks we should all be freaking out, and another one who thinks we shouldn’t be. So, you know, take that for what it’s worth.


A special Throwback Thursday just for my Tumblr friends: My MU Student ID. The photo was taken on day 1 — how old do you think I look?

Hey, did you guys know that Monsters University has a pretty awesome fake student Tumblr?

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