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Nice, True Blood. Very nice.

Better speak up, Buffy/Angel fans — Buffy/Spike is winning in our poll, 56% to 43%.

Shippers, on your marks: Which pair should make it into our Greatest TV Couple of All Time poll, Delena or Stelena? The poll’s here.

Though True Blood is still going strong (hey, Billith!), Charlaine Harris’ long-running book series chronicling the adventures of a mind-reading barmaid and her (many) supernatural lovers finally comes to an end this May with Dead Ever After. We’ve got an exclusive book trailer — as well as scoop from Harris on what’s next for her.

Are sexy zombies the new sexy vampires? Summit Entertainment certainly hopes so; their undead teen comedy Warm Bodies comes out next February. Check out the trailer — this one looks like it’ll be much more like Zombieland than Twilight.

Vampire Diarists: Klaus. Elijah. Italian period costumes. Swoon!

Elena’s alive! Well, sort of. This sneak peek from next month’s Vampire Diaries premiere shows that adjusting to vampire life may not be a walk in the park. Or, you know, some vampire-related metaphor.

Burning question about these 10 new photos of the Vampire Diaries premiere: How often does Bonnie go candle shopping?

So. Many. Vampires.

(For these six and the other 17 photos, zip on over to EW.com.)

Twihards, we come bearing gifts.

First, 44 photos of the cast at Comic-Con. Because, you know, beautiful people + vampire themes = catnip to the Internet masses.

Second, we have the scoop on what actually went down during the Breaking Dawn — Part 2 panel. But we know you have to spend some quality time with the slideshow first. No rush. The story will still be here when you’re done.

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