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'Play It Again, Dick' is for those who love 'Veronica Mars' stars, not 'Veronica Mars'

We explain. 


Super, super important question: Which of these three dudes leans against a car best?

Veronica’s pregnant neighbor, Sarah Williams, goes missing, and Veronica immediately suspects her boyfriend is at fault. What twice-Oscar-nominated actress played the sweet, redheaded Sarah who needs Veronica’s help?

Come play The Case of the Now-Famous Guest Star with us — and see if you can do better than these Veronica Mars cast members.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 

P.S. You can buy our new Veronica Mars issue here.

Psst, Marshmallows — we’ve also got an exclusive VMars movie clip. Iiiiiit’s quippy!

A long time ago, we used to be friends with a whip-smart teen sleuth named Veronica Mars. Now, thanks to a historic Kickstarter campaign, Mars is back in Neptune — this time on the big screen. And we’ve got all the scoop on her big return.

Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars, trailer trailer trailer trailer!

And that release date is… March 14, 2014, a year and a day after Rob Thomas announced the film’s Kickstarter on EW.com. Click through for more info, including an exclusive clip!

Why yes, the Veronica Mars movie is coming along quite nicely.

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