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Click through and see Chris Evans give us an exclusive look at Snowpiercer. 

To be fair, we’d also probably go nuts if Jennifer Hudson gave us a house.

We can’t embed it, but trust us — you need to see this. Hint: Marilyn wigs may or may not be involved.

EW exclusive: Mom-to-be Kristen Bell is coming to Sesame Street!

What’s in store for the Pretty Little Liars this week? These three clips from tonight’s episode will give you a hint.

James Franco continues to out-Franco himself.

What would HBO’s gritty, Emmy-nominated fantasy epic Game of Thrones look like if it aired on teen-friendly network The CW? There’d be fewer boobs, for one thing, and less edge — but even more angst. Just for fun, we made a fake promo for Westeros’s hottest soap.

Our latest obsession: This sketch from Key & Peele's season finale, which airs Wednesday. In what world is Family Circus better than Dilbert?!

Yesss — there’s a “director’s cut” of SNL's amazing Lincoln/Louie sketch! Who’s ready for six minutes of pure, awkward pleasure?

This Sunday, MythBusters takes on its most requested myth: Did Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) needlessly die in James Cameron’s Titanic, or could he and Rose (Kate Winslet) have both fit onto that piece of wood? We’ve got exclusive video from the episode on EW.com.

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