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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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Signs you work at an entertainment magazine

You have to evacuate the building due to a smoking transformer, and everyone starts wondering whether we should blame the Autobots or the Decepticons. (Don’t worry — everyone made it out safe and sound!)

Look who just stopped by our office — Pentatonix! And they sang their “Evolution of Beyoncé” medley for us!

Psst, Degrassi fans — look who stopped by our offices today!

Remember when you guys asked what it’s like to intern at EW? Well, sometimes, it means you get to go to the Oscars.

A certain Flying Squirrel is paying a visit to EW’s offices today!

Don’t be jelly, Nina Dobrev.

Guess who stopped by EW’s offices today!*

*Not pictured: Christina Aguilera, whose likeness was quickly snatched away.

Oh, Tumblr — guess who we just interviewed?

Write-up coming tomorrow morning…

You thought we were finished posting photos from our Magic Mike story? You thought wrong.

And, as a bonus, here’s an incredible snippet from our roundtable interview with the cast:

EW: They told you to wax for the movie?
Channing Tatum: Yeah, you can’t be a hairy stripper.
Joe Manganiello: I have no [body] hair.
Tatum: I actually don’t have any hair either, but I mean, you can’t really even have hair down there. [To Manganiello] Do you have hair down there? Or are you like a baby?
Manganiello: I…you know…I…I adhere to proper grooming techniques.
Tatum: You manscape?
[Manganiello nods.]
Matthew McConaughey: You did? Before this movie?
Manganiello: Yeah, man. I’m Sicilian and Armenian, okay? You gotta do something. [Laughs]

Our office is now the proud owner of this JWoww-branded beauty pack. It contains a bottle of perfume — “A smell so sensual it could only be JWOWW’s,” reads the package — and a tube of “shimmering body lotion.” We sprayed the perfume once, and now fear that the smell will linger into 2013.

At least it doesn’t smell like the gym, the tanning salon, or the laundromat. Or the Smoosh Room.

Pssst, Happy Endings fans: Guess who’s in our office right now?

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