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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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Hmm — one of these things is not like the others. Mindy Kaling doesn’t seem to think that’s a big deal — but do you?

Hey ladies — where are all the female friendships on TV? Writes critic Melissa Maerz:

True, many of these shows are about women surviving in largely male worlds: D.C. politics, country music, post-collegiate bro dens. Still, it’s strange that the only time grown-up female characters gather together outside of work is if they’re stirring a cauldron. And as fun as they are to spend time with, the ladies of American Horror Story: Coven and Witches of East End aren’t exactly “friends.”

This week in EW: Need a reason not to budge from your couch until December?

How about 119 of them?

Think these snubbed stars and shows deserved Emmy nominations? That’s what EW’s annual EWwy Awards are all about.

Click through to see which comedies, dramas, and actors from each made the cut, then vote for your favorites. The winners will receive both everlasting glory and snazzy little sheep statuettes (“ewe”-ys — get it?).

Voting begins… NOW!

Does Jake Johnson go in for a sneaky kiss in this behind-the-scenes video for New Girl's fall key art?

Do you really need us to answer that for you?

So, Newbies — was it good for you?

And for an even more in-depth look at last night’s New Girl, here’s star Jake Johnson and creator Liz Meriwether on Jess and Nick’s… you know, as well as the episode’s alternate ending.

Taylor Swift to guest on ‘New Girl' season finale*

*Hopefully not to help Jess write a break-up song…

We’d Calcutta bitch if she stood between us and Schmidt.

So, how many times did you watch and rewatch this scene from New Girl last night? You can be honest; this is a safe space.

So much red at the Globes! Whose crimson couture was your favorite?

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